IT Personnel Roles

Cerebro personnel are segmented by 10 carefully curated categories of low, medium and high-level technology roles. We believe businesses need an effective multidisciplinary team of people in addition to developers and/or engineers

Information Consultant

You have at least 5 years experience providing technology services to SMEs. You have an excellent understanding of technical terms and processes and can advise small and medium businesses on which technologies, tools and expertise that they require to succeed digitally.

Emerging Technologies Developer

You have tangible work experience with new technologies such as Data Analytics & Visualization, Data Modelling, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence. You also know mid-level tools and technologies that businesses can immediately use and derive immediate value.

Media Developer

You have multiple skills in either of advanced graphic design, video production/editing, audio production/editing, Whiteboard, 2D and/or 3D animation. You’ll be helping businesses in their branding, marketing, content production. You will help them tell their story to the world.

Digital Marketing Consultant

You understand what it means to conceptualize, plan, execute and report on both social media and other digital marketing technologies. You know how to practically help businesses reach a larger audience. You also know how to target the specific audience that will yield tangible sales results.

Mobile Developer

You have at least 3 years building functional mobile applications using either Android, iOS or hybrid native platforms (such as Flutter, ReactNative or Xamarin). You have ample experience consuming and/or building APIs. You have a fast response time. You can come-up with elegant UI/UX designs.

UI/UX Developer

You know how to design things that look good – for content, websites, web and mobile applications. You have experience producing world-class designs that help businesses look modern and global. You also have experience working with both engineering, media and marketing teams.

Web Artisan

You have sufficient experience managing key web technologies such as web design, graphic design, WordPress, domain name, web-hosting and email, cPanel and more. You will be serving as a highly-sought-after first-line of resolution for most businesses to help them with website support & maintenance.

Web Developer

You have at least 3 years building functional web applications. You are an advanced user of a well known framework and can implement UI templates if necessary. You have ample experience with IaaS & PaaS providers such as AWS, Axure, GCP, Heroku, Digital Ocean and the rest. You are skilled in database design, MVC, queues, caching and other implementations.

Business Software Consultant

You have a vast understanding of highly effective, free, freemium and paid technologies that businesses can use to automate multiple functions such as sales, e-commerce, human resource, finance and customer management. You can help them procure, install and support these software whether SaaS or otherwise.

Product Manager

You have experience overseeing the conceptualization, engineering and project management of digital products (such as web and mobile apps). You have some software engineering and/or agile/scrum master experience leading and managing developers. You also understand world-class, UI/UX, product marketing, sales & billing.


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